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Understanding Dreams

I think it’s so interesting how after I’ve had a vivid dream it usually takes a while before I really understand the meaning of it. I mean, there’s always an immediate obvious meaning. But I’ve found that if I let it sit for a bit, not really thinking about it, eventually a deeper meaning will […]

A Call to Love

We are all hurting, broken people doing our best. Some of us are less broken than others, so we are able to overcome the pain, and soar to heights barely imaginable. Others of us are so broken and twisted by life’s sufferings that we are barely recognizable as human beings. But all of us are […]

Thoughts on the Universe

I am all things. I have been all things. If time is not linear, then I am all things at all times. Are there past lives? Reincarnation? Or instead of remembering our past lives, are we simply catching glimpses of the things that are happening to all instances of ourselves simultaneously?

Perfection and Excellence

I’ve always expected perfection of myself – anything less I considered failure, and beat myself up about it. But as I follow my personal path of enlightenment, I’m beginning to understand that I don’t need to strive for perfection in my life. The generally accepted definition of perfection is unattainable. I am perfect as I […]


Today I am a tree. I stand silently in the forest. I reach deep into the earth and it provides me nourishment. I feel the gentle caress of air on my body, the thrill of a gust of wind rushing through my hair. Joyously, I raise my arms and face to the sun. I dance in ecstasy in the summer […]

The Dance

My companions are trees, lions, and butterflies. I walk with sunshine, stars, and universes. All of nature spins about me in a continuous joyful dance. All is familiar, all is family. Happy to be alive; happy to die. Happy to be part of the All.

I Am

My bones are mountains. My tears, rushing rivers. The earth’s crust is my skin. Trees adorn my head. The sun, moon, and stars Are in my eyes. The ether of the Universe is my breath. Separateness is an illusion. I am all things and all things are me.