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My Heart is Mine

It’s been broken so many times You were my last best hope Things happened We survived No We THRIVED And I learned the most important thing I discovered  That I was always The One My heart belongs to me ❤ Advertisements

Embracing My Truth

I am the bird that flies. I am the grass that blows in the wind. I am the sun that shines. I am the river And the stone. I am the earth And the sky. I am the Universe. I am all things. ~Anya Phenix

We hide our flaws hoping that someone will love us for who we aren’t. ~Anya Phenix

This Morning’s Meditation

I receive power from the earth. Strong, enduring, full of health. I breathe in and out, feeling the pulse of life. I shift my focus to the sky and am reminded of Spirit. I am daily renewed as the sun and moon are renewed. I give my energy to all things and receive energy freely […]

A Journey

I am on a journey. To where, I do not know. But I will go with love and light, Beckoning all to follow. For this journey ends In peace and love, Where all are welcome. Where All are One.


Today I am a tree. I stand silently in the forest. I reach deep into the earth and it provides me nourishment. I feel the gentle caress of air on my body, the thrill of a gust of wind rushing through my hair. Joyously, I raise my arms and face to the sun. I dance in ecstasy in the summer […]

The Dance

My companions are trees, lions, and butterflies. I walk with sunshine, stars, and universes. All of nature spins about me in a continuous joyful dance. All is familiar, all is family. Happy to be alive; happy to die. Happy to be part of the All.