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Card of the Day – The Metal King 

​This card is speaking mostly about our emotions. Here we see the King in his armor with a sword in his hand. He’s here to help us in our struggle.  

He lends you his armor to keep you safe from criticism and any verbal attacks hurled your way. They cannot harm you. He indicates that now is the time to be clear about your personal boundaries. It’s important to establish and enforce a safe and healthy space so you don’t become overwhelmed or entangled in other’s emotions. 

Always important, your self-esteem may need some attention right now. Spend time loving yourself and thinking about the things that you make you a fabulously wonderful person. 💜

These things all work together. A healthy sense of self along with strong personal boundaries creates a beautiful, sacred space within us, which acts as an armor against the army of emotions that continually try to beat against our minds.  

May we remember today to protect ourselves from any negative energies that are directed our way. May we counter these with unapologetic self-care and self-love. May we rise up strong and refreshed, ready to take on whatever comes next. 

You are valued,

Anya 💖


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