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We each have a set of beliefs that we live by, right? They inform our daily choices and determine how we live our lives. Take a moment to think about what yours are. Jot them down if you want. Now, where did you get them from? What are they based on? Are they from your parents? Your religion? Your culture? Why did you make them yours? 

Using our beliefs, we build our view of the world. We make value judgments every day which are based on what we believe is right and wrong or acceptable and unacceptable. 

For most people, our sense of right and wrong is learned primarily from our family and the society in which we were raised. As a result, our judgments tend to fall in line with whatever our parents believe or whatever the dominant cultural norms are where we live. What we learn as we travel the world is that what may be unacceptable in one country or culture may be perfectly acceptable in another. Right and wrong are subjective. 

In my country right now, there seems to be a very prominent Us vs Them mentality. I believe this divisiveness is caused mainly by fear, ignorance, and a false sense of superiority. It drives violence and hatred and makes our world a more dangerous place for everyone.

So here’s a thought and a challenge: what if we could strip away our closely held ideas of right and wrong that encourage us to judge and vilify our fellow human beings? What if we decided to see the value in people who are different from us? What if we rise up in our power to choose who we want to be and decide that we will LOVE instead of hate, practice empathy and compassion instead of judgment? What if we decided to STOP FIGHTING and instead START TAKING CARE OF each other?

What a different world this would be. 

Please take a moment to consider: do your beliefs make our world a more peaceful, compassionate, and safe place for everyone? If not, why not ask yourself why you’re still choosing to believe them? 

In order to make our world a better place, we need to make better choices. 

I’m  gonna spend some time imagining a better world tonight. Won’t you join me? 

Much love to all,

Anya 💖

Imagine by John Lennon


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