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Card of the Day – Nine of Swords

I have to admit, I’m not surprised this card came up today. Here we have someone who is clearly frightened, curled up in the fetal position in the dark. They are peeking out from behind their knees, watching as imaginary swords creep toward them. These swords represent the person’s many fears which are tormenting them. 

But there is good news! The swords aren’t real! They’re shadows, bending as they reach the person, heading toward their mind. They can’t do the person any physical harm.

from The Fountain Tarot

I would imagine this is how many people feel today, worried that horrible things are about to happen and imagining all the ways things could go terribly wrong. 

The message from the Nine of Swords today is that we’re caught in our own minds, paralyzed by fear. We’re scared and feel like the darkness is all we can see. It asks us to get out of our heads, to stop our ruminations on catastrophe, and to focus on reality. We cannot allow our fears to take away our power or to keep us from participating in life. 

May we have the strength today to confront our fears and render them powerless in the face of all we are capable of doing to make this world a safer place for everyone. May we remember that each day we have an effect on everyone we interact with, so may we choose to show all beings love and compassion. 

Things can get better, but for things to change, we have to change them.
Love to all beings,

Anya 💖


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