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Card of the Day – The Desert Prince

The Desert Prince stands ready to assist you. He is strong and capable. The moon and pyramid behind him indicate that he is familiar with the mysteries. The lion and bird sit close to him and show affection, meaning he has a connection to the animals. He is a master of desert survival, and he is here for you. 

from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards

The message from The Desert Prince is that although it may feel like you’re going to perish in the heat and emptiness of this difficult time, he’s got your back. You’re gonna make it safely through the desert, because he’s gonna make sure you do. 

Trust in your intuition and continue to seek your highest good. Be strong and take courage. No matter what you’re going through, remember that it WILL end and you will come out on the other side amazed at how perfectly everything has worked out for you. The Desert Prince will work miracles on your behalf.  

May we remember that all lives have times of difficulty. May we remember to be thankful for our struggles because they are catalysts for our growth. May we trust that a time of peace, safety, and prosperity is in our future. May we offer love and peace today to those around us. 💕

Sending love and peace out into the world,

Anya 💖


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