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A Shift in Perspective

If we seek to understand the perspective of the other person rather than seeking to be right, how would that change our experiences? 

What if our immediate internal response to someone else’s statement was always, “I’m sure you’re right,” understanding that from their perspective and through their filters, they are exactly right in their assessment?

What if we choose not to be argumentative? If they’re unhappy about their situation and they request help, we can then offer other options of perspective, ways of thinking that might help them to feel better about their situation through action or thought, or other possibilities they might consider, with no expectation for what they should choose, maintaining an openness which allows them to make changes if they so desire.

What would our world be like? Would peace be a more attainable goal if we could stop worrying about who is right and spend more time strengthening our relationships?

I’ve decided to change my perspective, focusing on connecting and listening when my knee-jerk reaction would normally be to argue.

I don’t think it will be easy. But I think it will be worth it.


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