What does your heart say?

In the course of leaving my family’s belief system and forging out on my own to find my truth, I’ve realized that for the most part a person can believe whatever they choose to believe. You can find arguments and proof to back almost any belief. So then the questions become, “What do I want to believe?” and “What do I know is true?” or “What is the best thing for me to believe?”

To answer this, I must look deep inside myself and feel the truth that I can be sure of. I’m now convinced that the only way to find my truth is to be silent, to hear my own heart.

And what does my heart say? It tells me to focus on love and peace, kindness and compassion. If I do this, I will find my way to truth.


3 comments on “What does your heart say?

  1. Thank you for this. It’s exactly what I needed today.

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