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All negativity is caused by resistance to the present moment…

Simple and so profound. When this concept is truly understood, life becomes blissful.

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((An updated version of an old post, it very powerfully seemed like the best post to put up right now))

This is an incredibly powerful and profound statement if you can really hear the essence of the words…

ALL negativity is caused by resistance to the present moment, by resisting the way life is, right now, in this moment.

If you accept that this moment is how it is, then how can there be any suffering? Your circumstances may not be how you would prefer them to be, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be inner peace, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel that alignment with the larger eternal aspect of who you really are that knows this experience is ultimately impermanent and fleeting, that knows that this experience is merely an experience, and that you are beyond that, that you are the source of this experience, the creator of this…

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