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The way you think to yourself determines whether you live in a state of heaven, hell, or somewhere inbetween…

Accepting our present circumstances is key to living a life without suffering.

MindMedicine Blog

We must remember that life is fundamentally an internal journey, not an external journey. Life is an ongoing process of self discovery to self realisation. And we must remember that what we call our external journey (our world and the things happening to us) is merely a reflection of that inner journey and the work we are doing within our mind…

If your thoughts are generally angry and frustrated then you will continue to attract to yourself people, situations and experiences that match that anger and frustration. You will perceive the anger and the frustration in everything that arises, you look and perceive from that point of view. On the other hand if you can start to direct your thoughts to feeling places of appreciation, of love, of trust, of peace, then the people, situations and experiences flowing into your life, will begin to match that.

It’s as though people…

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