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Do Not Try

Do not try to become anything.
Do not make yourself into anything.
Do not be a meditator.
Do not become enlightened.
When you sit, let it be.
What you walk, let it be.
Grasp at nothing.
Resist nothing.
~Ajahn Chah

This message seems to be coming at me from many different directions lately. I’ve been striving and struggling to become enlightened. I’ve been trying different types of meditation. I live with “shoulds” surrounding me and whispering at me every moment that I’m awake. I’m always trying to be better, to do better, to improve myself, to make myself a better wife, mother, person. I’m never satisfied with who I am in THIS moment.

I’ve forgotten how to be still and quiet. Busyness has crept in and is fighting to stay. Will I ever be able to quiet the voices in my head? 

Each day is another opportunity to sit and accept who I am right now, to accept life as it is. Is the mystery that in order to learn stillness I must learn to accept this moment?

I’m still grasping and resisting. I’m still trying to be something. I don’t know how to do this, but I trust that since the message is coming to me over and over again, I will someday understand.


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