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The Wolf and The Bear

Yellowstone wolf running in snow in Crystal Cr...

Yellowstone wolf running in snow in Crystal Creek pen (Original text: A newly released and collared wolf in Yellowstone National Park crashes through the snow.) http://www.montanapbs.org/Terra/episode101/pressroom/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I had an unusual dream. I was looking at a woman who was wearing tanned leather and had long black hair, but I couldn’t make out any of her features. As I watched her, she appeared as a wolf, running around the foot of a mountain which represented the world. There was a feeling of urgency to her, as if all life depended upon her reaching her destination. I was somehow with her and could see her, but I was not running.

She ran on and on, and continued running until she hit a tree and was absorbed by it. Immediately, her son took her place. Again I was somehow hovering nearby, watching. He ran until he, too, ran into a tree and became part of it. It was at this moment that I became the wolf, dodging trees, and feeling only the urgency to run as quickly as I could.

After some time, I reached the place where I was to turn around, running back the way I had come with the same sense of urgency. I continued to run until I came to a grove of young trees, where I saw a few deer. It was there that I sensed the bear, then saw it. I tried to be still so it didn’t see me, but it had already heard and smelled me. I watched it pinpoint my location, and as I scrambled toward the trees (in my own body again), it broke into a run. I knew it wanted to eat me. I was determined to get as high as I could, hoping I would be safe, but knowing that the trees were too small to hold me. I had started climbing without much hope of getting away, when it reached me and swiped at me….

At just that moment, my daughter woke me, needing my help. When I fell back asleep, I was unable to return to my dream.

I hope to have another opportunity to meet the bear, and I hope I won’t run next time, but will embrace the bear and allow it to eat me. I believe that it may be an important step on my shamanic path.



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