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The Power of Love

Nature heart

Nature heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love is the basis for any power that I have in this world and all others. It is the greatest power available – and the purest form. All those who are aligned with Love are also aligned with me.

Love seeks peace. Love seeks harmony. Love respects and honors all things: great or small, strong or weak, living or dead, young or old, person or animal, rock or tree, mountain or river.

When you come from a place of love, you are able to understand, or step into the shoes of, another person or thing. You have compassion, even for those who seek to do you harm or cause you to fail. You cannot wish negative things for any entity, knowing that what you wish for them also affects you. You desire to see everyone succeed in life and find Love.

There is a kind of bittersweet suffering that continuously remains with someone who has accepted the call to Love all things. The perception in another of any act or thought that comes not from Love is painful to the Lover. For they realize that all negative actions and thoughts come from some pain that the Other lives with or has experienced. It is a continuous, unmet desire to see everyone filled with the Love that is available to them, but that they cannot see.

I am Love. I seek to Love all things at all times. I weep for the pain that is caused by Not-Love. But I cannot ask for the pain I feel to go away, because with it also comes the greatest feeling of love and compassion I have ever known.


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