A Call to Love

We are all hurting, broken people doing our best. Some of us are less broken than others, so we are able to overcome the pain, and soar to heights barely imaginable. Others of us are so broken and twisted by life’s sufferings that we are barely recognizable as human beings.

But all of us are doing the best we can to survive this life.

I’ve been ill for nearly a week and a half. Tonight I was in meditation, visualizing and feeling a deep love for all the cells that make up my body, thanking them for the work that they do in service to the whole that is Me. As I passed through the cells in my skin, that feeling of love began to extend outward from myself to envelop the entirety of the human race – past, present, and future. I was seeing faces passing before me, when suddenly they stopped, and I saw only one face clearly with all the others in the distance.

It was Adolf Hitler.

Immediately I heard a voice asking, “Can you love him too?” I waited for a moment, then felt a compassion flowing through me to him, which I can only describe as the love a mother feels for her child when she sees him broken. As I felt this, the faces began moving again and I saw the most cruel people in history passing by, taking in the flow of unconditional love that was extended to them.

I loved them all. My heart broke for them, for their unbearable pain and suffering that caused them to inflict such suffering on others.

Then I wondered what would happen if we all were able to feel that unconditional love toward everyone, all the time.

I feel like when the majority of us finally understand that we ALL are doing the best we can in this life, we will extend each other compassion. We will stop being adversarial, and we will become partners on our journey – a journey toward peace.

May it be soon.

Namaste and Blessings,



7 comments on “A Call to Love

  1. i used a type of meditation like you spoke of when i had cancer,i’d imagine the chemo going into my body as tiny soldiers and killing the cancer cells. i can understand what you mean, and it would be great if every one could see each other as just people dealing in best way they can.

    • It was from an article on fighting cancer that I first heard about this type of meditation. How wonderful that you were able to use it to beat the cancer!

      • really? wow!! that is awesome. i was not aware of that. my doctors were really happy that i did that,cause a big part is the will to live.i was sorta willing my body to live i guess.

      • I would love to read that article! I appreciated what you shared. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

      • Sadly, I don’t remember where I read it anymore. It was one of those things that you read and tuck inside your mind until you need it. 🙂 Light and Blessings to you, Noel.

  2. What an intersting and insightful mediation. I do feel that we are too harsh and judgemental in this world, and we can all use kindness, but what about our human limits

    • Thank you, earthfae. I’m not quite sure what you mean by human limits. Obviously there are consequences for our actions in this life, and our outcomes are dependent on the way in which we choose to live. We can have compassion toward someone without allowing them to harm others. This post was directed more at the choice we have to practice compassion, understanding that we can never know another person’s internal struggles or why they make the choices they do. I’m not suggesting that they go unpunished, but that we choose to love them despite what they’ve done. Our choice to love enriches our own lives. And the more love we have in this world, the better our world will be.

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