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I Change

I am changing now.

I will always change.

Change is life. Life is change.

On February 2, 2012 I dedicated myself to the study of witchcraft. I believe in one Divine Consciousness or Energy that encompasses all of the Universe (multiverses?) and exists in all things, therefore it has unlimited personalities with both male and female aspects. I worship the Divine and ask the gods and goddesses for wisdom and guidance in my search for Enlightenment. I believe that we are part of this Divine Energy and can tap


into it in order to make our lives and worlds, both personal and global, a better place. Love and peace guide my practice. Rituals and traditions are less important to me than following my own intuition, as experience has taught me that my inner guidance is usually right.

This is where my Journey begins. Life is good.

)O( Light and Blessings


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